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Structural Contractors

Extend the life of your facility.

Structural Specialty Services


Puerto Rico and the Caribbean is very hard on parking structures. Keeping the facility in excellent shape is a considerable challenge as there are hundreds or thousands of locations where distress or damage happen.

Properly done Parking Structures Restorations is a challenging task for the whole team. The owner, investor, manager, design professional, inspector and repair contractor must work as a team to the benefit of the facility. Oftentimes defining the scope and extent of restoration is one of the biggest challenges. How many repairs? What types of repairs? Hidden damages? This is only part of the equation.


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Why Nexo Técnico?

We strive to be the preferred option for designers, owner, and facilities managers for construction and rehabilitation services due to our dedication and technical savviness.

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Why restore now?

Structural issues only get worse with time. Reduce risks, avoid liabilities and have a facility to be proud of.

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We will help you extend the life of your facility.

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